Pastors Steve & Cheryl Ingram are partnering with two other local churches to raise needed relief supplies for Puerto Rico. New Way Church in Palm Coast, Pastors Richard & Kimberly Summerlin and Faith Life International Church in Orange City, Pastors Ron & Gina Holmes and Word of Faith Orlando will be collecting supplies all this week through Sunday.

We ask that you contribute and let your co-workers, family & friends assist as well.

Here are the supplies needed:

1. Batteries
2. Bed sheets any size
3. Food in cans
4. Diapers for children and adults any size
5. Feminine Products
6. Gas Chainsaws
7. Baby Formula
8. Baby wipes
9. Disposable plates, cups, cutlery, napkins
10. Soap, Toothbrushes, Deodorant, Shampoo, Conditioner, Shaving Cream, Lotion
11. Razors for shaving
12. Toilet paper
13. First Aid Kits
14. General Medicines
15. Sleeping Bags
16. Dog and cat food

New Way Church has a large container on site that we will be filling. Then, the container will be transported to Puerto Rico. Continue to pray for the ports to be repaired so that ships can dock safely.


285 W. Central Parkway
Altamonte Springs, Florida

IMPORTANT: We have been asked to take a black marker and mark over the bar codes on the products.

(This is so that scalpers cannot resell.)

You can bring products through Sunday, October 1st.

We hope to have enough to fill the container as of Sunday. We will also continue to fill it as needed.

Thanks in advance for being a blessing to our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico.

When God blesses you He has more than you on His mind!